Wild Iceland Sea Cucumber, dried – Test And Taste (200g + 450g)


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A 100% natural product from Iceland. Captured in the wild North Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Sea Cucumber (Cucumaria Frondosa) has precious qualities and they are in the group of seafoods that contain the highest EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) as in fish oil. It has 18 types of Amino acids, of which 8 are vital and cannot be generated by the human body. The Sea Cucumber is also high in protein, has zero cholesterol and is rich in Omegas, vitamins and minerals. Chinese people consider it to be one of the big four precious traditional delicacies of the sea: abalone, sea cucumber, shark fin and fish maw. Sources reported that Sea Cucumber existed in Chinese dishes from 250 AD (Jin Dynasty 三国). Chefs prepared Sea Cucumber dishes for the emperors in grand banquets and special occasions, when important dignitaries came to visit, as well as for the family. Sea Cucumber is suitable for consumption by any age group of either gender and in China is considered an important therapeutic food.

Key benefits include:

Helps fight fatigue and boost Immune Systems (抗疲劳和增强免疫系统)
Helps prevent cancer (预防癌症潜力,抑制癌细胞)
Antioxidant Properties (抗氧化性能,延迟衰老), Anticoagulant Activity (抗凝血,抗血栓形成), Anti-microbial (抗菌),Anti-Inflammatory Activity (抗炎)
Wound Healing (伤口愈合)
Helps prevent Arthritis (帮助治疗身体由于缺少硫酸软骨素而引起的关节炎和关节酸痛)

* This website is used solely for educational purposes and should not be misconstrued as offering medical advice. If you are on any type of medication you should always discuss this with your doctor before adding Sea Cucumber in your diet.

This unique pack contains one pack of dried, whole, wildly caught sea cucumbers weighing a minimum of 200g( up to 215g, about 10-12 pieces depending on the sizes) plus one pack of dried, whole, wildly caught sea cucumbers weighing a minimum of 450g ( up to 465g, about 23-27 pieces depending on the sizes).

Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sun light
Expiration Date (from manufacture date – See package seal): 3 Years


How to rehydrate dried Sea Cucumber

1. Soak dry sea cucumber in cold, clean water for 24 hours
2. Place soaked sea cucumber in an oil-free stainless steel pot, add clean water, boil for 15 minutes, keep it in the pot with the lid on until it cools down naturally
3. Rinse with cold water
4. Store boiled sea cucumber in fresh cold water and refrigerate at 0-4°C Replace water daily. Texture gradually softens in time

Preserve using clean & oil free containers, use within 7 days.

Nutrition Information

Ingredients: Sea Cucumber

Allergy advice: contains molluscs


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